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Kundenmeinung von Kati Schwendtke

Kati Schwendtke, Managing director Kita Nordvind GmbH, Hamburg:

„Since we have had acoustic elements from SONATECH, long reverberation times and the noise levels have been reduced considerably. The pleasant acoustics have created a noticeable improvement in our everyday lives, for the children and nursery teachers alike, making the atmosphere altogether more harmonious.”

Dr. Kai-Thorsten Bräsch,
KAIS Restaurant, Mülheim a. d. Ruhr:

„When the restaurant was full, voices became louder and sound levels rose continually. Our guests were ultimately not able to enjoy their meals without stress on account of the high noise level. Thanks to SONATECH’s QuietLine acoustic elements quietness now prevails, in the broadest sense. It is now possible for our guests to have relaxed conversations at a normal volume even when the restaurant is full.

The QuietLine elements are sleek and elegant, fitting in ideally with the surroundings and are not perceived as “sound absorbers” but rather as decorative elements.

I have seldom purchased a product that is as effective as this one.”

Kundenmeinung von Thomas Prudlo

Thomas Prudlo, Vorstand Green City Energy AG, Munich:

„The problem in our new offices and conference rooms was long reverberation times and high noise levels during telephone calls. Sonatech’s sales representative visited us, took acoustic measurements of the rooms and recommended QuietLine suspended acoustic panels. The delivery and assembly went smoothly and the effect is impressive. It has now become much more pleasant and relaxed to work in the rooms.” 

Johann Ganser, Production manager
OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH, Lengenwang:

„Unpleasant machine noise in the grinding shop was causing our employees stress. After the sales representative had inspected the premises, we immediately decided to have SONATECH’s Baso Decor G 50 absorber panels stuck to the ceiling. SONATECH carried out the assembly quickly and faultlessly. The noise was abated considerably and the effect of the material could be felt clearly straight away.”

Monika Herrmann, Project Manager in Facility Management
Diehl Aircabin GmbH, Laupheim

Noise control with thermally activated ceilings.
Large surfaces of glass and smooth exposed concrete in an office building caused major acoustic problems. Long reverberation times made it almost impossible to use the rooms.

Monika Hermann reports:
„First of all we tried some simple alterations. We added additional plants, deep-pile carpets and half-height dividing cupboards. However, these measures had little effect.”

The company then sought help from an expert. We came across Sonatech GmbH + Co. KG, a specialist in the area of noise control, who offers complete solutions for offices and/or industrial halls. These solutions include acoustic measurements carried out on the premises, consultation about materials which could be used, punctual delivery and careful assembly of the acoustic elements.

„I felt comfortable right from the beginning.” says Monika Herrmann, „the sales representative appeared highly skilled and first of all took time to calmly view the rooms before he made us a proposition.”

The Sonatech team used the sound measurements they had carried out as well as the ground plans which we provided to draw up a plan which would help to significantly reduce reverberation in the offices.

Monika Herrmann comments on the service provided by the acoustics specialists:
„The acoustic elements and service provided by Sonatech were really great. We are so satisfied with them that we are planning on commissioning Sonatech again. This time we would like to acoustically improve the area in which a lot of telephone calls take place and which is visited frequently by customers.”
Stephanie M.-L. Bornschlegl
Lyrical soprano; recitalist (diploma)
Lecturer in singing; University of Augsburg

As a classically trained singer, I am busy day in and day out practising the most beautiful, the best and the richest sounds that my voice can achieve. An immanently important factor for this is relatively dry room acoustics. Too much reverberation in the room obscures the search for the ideal vocal tone. Since 4 panels of Sonatech Baso Decor have been installed on the ceiling of my vocal studio “Seelenklang” (sounds from the soul), I am now able to enjoy perfect practising conditions. And the appearance of the acoustic elements inconspicuously matches the classically designed atmosphere of the room. Many thanks for the professional, individual advice.

Schwarzwaldkapelle Münstertal e.V.